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If you enjoy the luxuries of a day Spa, your pet will love the skin treatments of the SPA Lavish Your Pet collection. Found in the world’s most prestigious pet spas and salons, this elegant collection is formulated with the finest botanical plant and flower extracts.

We delight in providing your pet with all natural shampoos enriched with vitamins and fruit extracts to nourish the skin and coat.

We are passionate about creating products that help your pet live a happier life. Our OxyMed line uses natural ingredients including oatmeal, to sooth itchy, dry and irritated skin.

Our new generation of natural oral care products for dogs and cats – no brushing required! Helps clean teeth, freshen breath and provide overall pet wellness.

AvoDerm - For a Healthier Skin and Coat

Breeder’s Choice has been family owned and operated for more than 50 years. As dog lovers and experienced dog owners, we know that the condition of a dog’s skin and coat is frequently a reflection of the dog’s overall health, and that poor skin health can almost always be traced to dietary insufficiencies or imbalances. Fortunately, Breeder’s Choice is located right in California, where the world’s best avocados are found in abundance.

Nutrient-rich avocados are an excellent balanced source of nutritional essentials for your dog’s skin and coat health and good health in general. So, we created the AvoDerm 4-Step Program, with real California avocados, to provide you and your dog with exactly the right choices for a healthy, glowing, beautiful skin and coat.

”Comfort for the Soul”

Our mission statement is “Comfort for the Soul,” and we do that by offering you simple, nutritious and healthy products. You want to be a good pet guardian and our products give you comfort to know that you are giving your pet a healthy meal and treat. We feel the same way because we are pet guardians just like you. In fact, we don’t have just dogs and cats, we currently have llamas, ducks, chickens, emus, zonkeys (that’s right a cross between a donkey and a zebra), goats, koi and longhorns. When my father started our treat company, he put the following scripture from the Bible on our boxes, and we still display this Proverb today; “A good man is concerned for the welfare of his animals.” I don’t know many people who could argue with that, and we feel the same way. Knowing we are committed to this verse is “Comfort for the Soul”.

When it comes to controlling fleas and ticks, FRONTLINE Brand Products are the #1 recommendation of veterinarians for flea and tick control for dogs and cats.

FRONTLINE Plus offers long-lasting flea and tick control, killing up to 100% of fleas on your pet within 18 hours and up to 100% of ticks on your pet within 48 hours. Best of all, research confirms that FRONTLINE products work for an entire month to help keep your pet flea-free.

Flexicose For Pets

Superior Quality Liquid Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and 10 other synergistic ingredients. Effectively ease joint discomfort, hip soreness and stiffness in dogs, cats, horses and exotic pets - guaranteed

At the K9 GRANOLA FACTORY, our mission is simple. Provide nutrient rich, heart-healthy treats and supplements for your pet. Our ORIGINAL line started it all by offering power packed granola, blended with timeless dog favorites such as peanut butter, carob and honey. Life on the run means needing to pick treats wisely. At K9 GRANOLA FACTORY, we give you an ever expanding list of all natural options. We take the guess work out of good nutrition!

Welcome to the Redbarn Family!! Redbarn is your source for Premium Pet Products, Treats, Bones, Chews and Food. At Red Barn we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality natural dog food, chews, treats and natural bones for your pet. Remember, chewing naturally abrasive bones and chews helps maintain healthy teeth and gums.





Given regularly, GREENIES® chew treats decrease tartar accumulation 8 fold
and freshens breath, with a taste and texture pets love.

Personalized Dog tags are available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.
Cat tags are purrrfectly sized in small only.

Tuff Toys ! Guaranteed !

Nylabone®, the leader in responsible animal care for over 50 years.™

Nylabone® has a chew for just about every dog. From traditional plastic chews to a wide variety of healthy, edible chews, Nylabone® has specific chew products designed to meet the varying chewing needs of almost every dog, no matter what size, breed, age or type of chewer the dog might be.

Benedent’s Triple•Pet line brings good hygiene to our four legged companions. The Triple•Pet toothbrush is the Benefit brush reinforced with extra heavy duty padding on the handle. This product is complemented by a line of other high quality hygiene products.

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